Last full day!

So this is being written on Friday morning as yesterday was a fun-packed day with lots and lots of activities!

It started early once again with a filling breakfast. Today was our first day without water sports so we separated into our groups in the morning and did a selection of different activities including Tunneling, Abseiling and Archery. Tunneling saw many of us conquer our fears of small dark spaces and the realisation that some of us are the perfect size to explore a maze of tunnels in the darkness – Ellie C!! Archery was very successful as we have found the new Katniss Everdeen in the form of Mrs Cassidy! 

After lunch, we continued with a variety of activities including Survivor (making fire and building shelters) and Quad Biking. 

Off to dinner which we raced through as Derrick and Kirsten (our team leaders) had planned an exciting evening activity for us as a complete surprise – Zip Lining! We were very excited as it had been an activity that we had wanted to do all week. Starting at 7pm, we raced through harnessing 50 children and sending them down the Zip Line amidst the most idyllic scenery. A truly wonderful day to end our week!

We’ve had a fantastic week but we are ready for home comforts!


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